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Attention Infusionsoft Users:
Is your email reaching
your best prospects at
the “Golden Hour”?
Probably Not.

Infusionsoft recently revealed that:

So how can you get your mail to all of your prospects—all of them from around the globe—at that Golden Hour?

How can you get your broadcast to reach your prospect in New York at 1pm, your prospect in Los Angeles at 1pm and your prospect in Sydney at 1pm?
It’s nearly impossible with Infusionsoft.

Until now.
SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft.
SmartMail™ knows where your subscribers are located and it times the delivery of your message to their specific time zone—all 35 time-zones from around the globe!
Right now, when you send your broadcasts in Infusionsoft, you set a time…but they’re delivered once—so while you may program a 6am delivery for New York, it will arrive at 3am in Los Angeles and at 8pm in Sydney.
This means that only a small segment of your list will receive it at the Golden Hour.

And that’s one reason why you’ve had “lower than desired” open rates, resulting in lower click-throughs and lower revenue.

How much money is that costing you with each broadcast?

More important, how much more could you generate if you could actually get your emails delivered at the optimum time for each subscriber?
Now there’s a better way.
Now you can send your email with laser-time delivery…to each time zone on the planet…with SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft.

Simply create your email, schedule it in your campaign or directly in SmartMail™, and our exclusive-API system will automatically send your emails—time-targeted for geographic delivery to your members—at the specific hour you select—directly through Infusionsoft.

No longer do your emails need to get lost in the mass delivery of the sea of emails…you can choose your optimum delivery time and have it apply to your ENTIRE list…not just one time zone!
Enjoy Mind-Blowing Improvements.
Studies have shown some pretty amazing results when email broadcasts were segmented by time zone:
You can even Geo-Target a subscriber offer—even if you don’t know where they live!
SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft accesses the hidden IP addresses in your subscriber records and knows exactly where each member is located. So you can now:
  • Efficiently market live events (for example, if it’s taking place in Phoenix, you can simply mail the Phoenix metro area.)
  • Customize your emails with geographic references to make them more personal and engaging.
  • Create special offers for specific market areas (so you can do test marketing in different cities across the globe!)
  • And so much more!
You spend your valuable marketing resources to get your emails delivered with Infusionsoft…Isn’t it time you made it far more profitable?

SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft gives you the power to communicate at the optimum time—with the optimum message for each subscriber.
Here’s Why
Ty Cohen is So Excited…
Reaction has been enthusiastic!

"As an Infusionsoft Certified Partner working with trainers, speakers, etc with clients and subscribers across North America and Europe, this has been a killer issue... You've solved it! I'll be able to share this with my clients and also for my own info products."

- Mark Garrett

"This is exciting!!! I have been waiting for a tool like this for years! :-)"

Markus Heitkoetter

"Creo que puede ayudar mucho en el mercado latino también.(I think it can help a lot in the Latino market as well.)"

Jose Luis Lopez Velarde

"Love what you are putting together and the ability to deliver email at specific times based on their timeline."

Dan Kaufman

Eavesdrop on a Conversation with 
Todd Brown of…
Now you can have the power!
Finally, you can say “Good Afternoon” in your email and have it actually arrive in the afternoon!

Yes, with SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft, you’ll always reach your subscribers with your perfectly targeted offer when they’re most responsive and most likely to convert.
And that means
more profit for you!

Thanks to Infusionsoft for this great visual. As you can see, proper timing is critical to your bottom line. You can read the full blog post here

It’s not just Time. It’s Day, too.
Check out the chart below. Our friends at Infusionsoft analyzed the optimum day of the week for email delivery, too.

 Yes, even the delivery day matters, too.

And once again, SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft saves the day.

When you schedule the mail to arrive on Thursday at 1pm, it will arrive on Thursday at 1pm for every subscriber! 

Now your messages have the best chance for conversion. All thanks to SmartMail™’s technology and your excellent marketing strategy!

Here’s what Infusionsoft discovered as their best delivery times. Imagine how much more effective your marketing will be when you can laser-target your delivery time.

Multiply The Effectiveness of Your Email.
Put SmartMail™ for Infusionsoft to work for your business today. Then enjoy higher open rates, higher click-through rates and higher profits.
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