We Find the Money In Your List.
Predictive Profit$ Finds Your Hidden Buyers...
Even If They've Never Bought Anything From You.
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They say “The money is in the list”…but how do you find it?

iBoostify’s new Predictive Profit$™ service dives deep into your data…analyzes every record…then aggregates key data points with other Predictive Profit$™ clients to provide you with exclusive “Profit Opportunity Scores” for each person on your list that indicate:

  • Disposable Income
  • Where They Buy
  • The Amount Of Money They've Spent
  • Recency of Purchase Behavior
You’ll get an unfair advantage over your competition, 
plus a roadmap to profits that you may never thought possible.
You’ll know who purchased something within the past 30, 60, 90 days…even if they never bought anything from you!

You’ll also have access to specific demographic information, including age, marital status, sex, income, and even buying habits.
You’ll know who your untapped buyers are…and how to serve them!

Yes—Profit Opportunity Scores identify those that may have purchased from others recentlyand the type of products they’ve purchased—so that you can target them with offers that meet their specific needs and interests.

That means more sales from those on your list that may have never purchased from you before.
Just because they haven’t bought from you doesn’t mean they’re broke… it just means that you haven’t given them something they want badly enough.

Now you’ll know what they want…and you’ll have the key to providing them with what they’ll buy from you.

How it Works...

Predictive Profit$ is a cooperative service. Members provide us with confidential access to their clients’ purchase behavior. We extract specific data points and combine them with data points from other members in order to create the P2 scores for each of your prospects.

Our data team aggregates this information in an accredited world-class secured data center. Your data is never identifiable as yours, and your client information is never revealed on a specific, customer level—all information is aggregated and scored—so confidentiality is assured.
Each month, we provide a data analysis and automatically upload your scores directly into your Infusionsoft application (this requires 5 custom fields).

Our basic service is 100% free.

More advanced data services are available at a discounted price.

Predictive Profit$™ is the first-ever Big Data solution for Infusionsoft users…finally, you’ll have high-level access to the information that profits are made of!

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