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New “SiteWrap™” system glues visitors to your site, generating you a BIGlist that buys your stuff!
(It Makes Average Marketers Internet Authorities.)
Did you know you could be losing 92% of your sales
in less than 30 seconds each day?
(Today we fix that for you.)
Dear Online Entrepreneur:
It’s time for an intervention.
If you’re like most online marketers, you’re giving your visitors links to view other people’s content.

You may think it’s helpful, but the truth is that it’s killing your business.

When your visitors click those links, they leave your site and you not only lose future profits, you also risk those visitors never returning.
  • You lose your chance to build your brand.
  • You lose your chance to build authority.
  •  You lose your chance to grow your own list.
  • You lose your chance to retarget your visitors.
All the time, effort and money you put into driving traffic gets thrown away.  
But that’s not all… The problem is bigger than you think.
Did you know, Google also takes a peek at how long visitors are on your site? 
... This means that your poor performance will have you fall in the search rankings, 
and prospects will see your site less and less.   It’s an SEO nightmare!
UNFORTUNATELY Most Online Marketers Are Blindly 
Jumping Off This Google Ranking Cliff.
The truth is that nearly everyone, even the world’s top online gurus make this mistake.
JUST look at an excerpt from a real blog post below...
See the link above?
That's an "external link"--a link that sends people to another website—banishing them from your own domain, and they’re unlikely to return!

It’s like having a guest over to your home for dinner and sending them out to get the main course!

No matter what you do on the web, the effects of losing your visitors
can cripple the future of your business.
Here’s How External Links Hurt Bloggers, Authors, Thought Leaders, Content Creators & Professionals
  • You lose your chance to build authority and rapport—so your visitor doesn’t bond with you and buy your stuff.
  • You lose your chance to engage with your visitor, which would have built your business for the long haul.
  •  You lose your chance to have a deeper impact with your visitor, so you won’t change minds and make the difference you’re dedicated to.
Here’s How External Links Hurt Marketers
& Affiliate Marketers
  • You lose your chance to build your list so you can sell more stuff in the future.
  • You lose your chance to retarget your prospects and generate up to 300% more sales or more!
  • You lose your chance to save sales due to cart abandonment (do it right and you could have a 325% improvement!)
Online Marketing Guru Leaves Nearly $100,000 on the Table!
One well-known marketer, let’s call him “Guru Bob”, was super-happy making $24,000 in a recent launch.
Until he discovered what he was missing.

Guru Bob gave up the opportunity to build his list, which would have given him a long-term
residual income. 

And he was unable to do any retargeting, which could have easily tripled his profits. 

Ouch !
So how do you keep people on your website longer, boost your authority and influence and make more money?
The solution is called SiteWrap™.

SiteWrap™ is a unique system that turns your “external links”—the ones where you’re sending people away—into internal links that drive your visitors to content on YOUR website—with YOUR branding—so you can build your visitor relationship (which translates into profit!).

Think of it like an envelope…your brand is the actual envelope, and the content you’re wrapping is what you put inside.
Leverage the Authority of Richard Branson...or Whoever you Choose...
Click the Image and See What Happens...
Want to Leverage the Authority of CNN? 

Click the Image!
Watch this short video to learn more about how SiteWrap™ can help transform your business...
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
SiteWrap™ creates a “Visitor Profit Cyclone” and people stick around longer. Much longer.

So they have time to buy your stuff. :)

When you use SiteWrap™ you might enjoy Aline Boundy's results. She installed SiteWrap™ on her brand new site and immediately saw an average time on site of 29 minutes!!

Of course, your improvement will be unique to you—but it’s safe to say that you’re going to experience huge changes in your site performance…and profits!
Your improvement builds unstoppable momentum.
Here’s what happens when Google sees your longer time on site:
  • Google rewards you with higher rankings.
  • Those higher rankings bring you more visitors.
  • Those visitors stay longer.
  • And the cycle continues...
  • And continues...
  • And continues...
It’s literally a Google Love Affair!
All because you provided valuable "Wrapped" content on your site.
Here’s Some of What SiteWrap™ Does For You:
Grows Your Email
SiteWrap™ is a perfect
list-building tool.
Boosts Traffic to
Your Site
Google rewards your visitor
engagement, bringing you better.
Hosts External Content
on Your Site
Your visitors will love it...and will stay
with you longer!
Builds Brand Authority
& Impact
When you’re attached to great content (even if it’s not your own), you become known for great content.
Keeps Visitors On Your
Site Longer
The longer they stay, the more
Google loves you!
Easily Retargets Other People's Offers
This can increase your profits by
up to 10x!
Drives Targeted YouTube
Traffic to Your Site
YouTube’s in-video links let you send viewers to YOUR site only, so now you can promote other people’s content while it’s wrapped on your site!
Promotes “Banned Offers”
on Facebook
Facebook blacklists certain links, but when you wrap them on your site, Facebook only sees YOUR link. This means you can promote unlimited
JVZoo offers, for instance.
Adds Urgency to Affiliate Promotions.
Our countdown feature adds time scarcity to each page, bringing you more sales.
Amazing, High-Leverage Market Research
Virtually spy on your
competition—knowing exactly where people are clicking on THEIR website.
Create Custom Affiliate
Sales Funnels
Link wrapped pages together in a cascading funnel of offers, multiplying your marketing effectiveness.
Customize the Header of Each Wrapped Page
This allows you to amplify the effect of your on-page endorsement of the wrapped content below.
It’s No Wonder Why SiteWrap™ is Called
“The Swiss Army Knife of Digital Marketing Tools”
Try SiteWrap™ Now. Risk Free!
Get Started in
Less Than 60 Seconds:
1. Name Your Page.
2. Select The Content You Want to Wrap
3. Select your “Return Home” Link
Want to See How You Can Do It?
Here's How Quickly You Can Do Your Wrap...Just 40 Seconds!
Try SiteWrap™ Now. Risk Free!
Ask Us!
  • Can I wrap all websites?
No, you can't. A few websites won't allow you to wrap them due to terms of service and others may have some technology limitations. We estimate that we're able to wrap about 98% of all sites.
  • Will it work with my Mac or Windows Computer?
Absolutely! Since it runs on your WordPress site, it's in the cloud and can be accessed by any computer in the world (where you've got an Internet connection, of course).
  • How often do you update the software?
The webosphere is a constantly changing place. With updates to WordPress and the major browsers, updates to iBoostify SiteWrap™ will be made as necessary. We're also adding new features on a regular basis that will make it even more powerful for you!
  • What sort of support do you offer?
Free email support is included in your software license. We also offer twice-monthly user meetups, where we answer your questions, discuss new features and help you get the most out of the software.
  • I curate a lot of content. Should I be wrapping all the links in my curated posts?
Excellent question! While we love to wrap, there are certain links that are best unwrapped for SEO purposes. You'll learn which ones they are in the members area.
  • Can I use it on all my websites?
Yes and no. At the moment, iBoostify Sitewrap™ works only with WordPress installations. The number of sites you can use it on depends on the type of license you've purchased. We offer 1, 5 and unlimited site packages.
  • Is there a limit to the number of wraps I can do on a page or post?
 Nope! Wrap to your heart's content. In fact, one of our members wrapped 32 links on one blog post!
  • Does it work with all WordPress Themes?
 As far as we know, YES!
  • Is it mobile friendly?
"I Finished All My Tasks In 2 Hours
Without Even Doing Anything!"
Tom Doolie
Founder Of DooliePro
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